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Turnkey PV-system for drinking water disinfection and distribution

Photovoltaic powered water purification for rural areas

Primary target in water disinfection and distribution is to assure hygienically faultless water. The disinfection system is the central guarantor for safety and efficiency.

Not only in developing countries, drinking water storage and supply presents the essential health risk. 80 percent of all diseases results from poor quality water. This problem is particularly critical in rural regions and on isolated settings.

The system

The TW X EC_SOLAR is a compact system generating a disinfectant that ensures water consumption, storage and transportation without any risk. The oxidation level is adjusted according to requirements and local taste preferences. The core of the system is the EC-module combinedwith photovoltaic (PV) generator and photovoltaic pumping


The possible solar powered operation with additional and optional use of conventional battery systems (for cars) in combination of the easy use and a low maintenance makes this technology very suitable for rural and isolated regions.


The TW X EC_SOLAR is primarily used to disinfect water against viruses, bacteria and some protozoa. The EC equipment uses a disinfection process, based on anodic oxidation whose efficiency has been scientifically proven for 25 years at least. The principle of operation is a procedure in which electrochemical reactions occur during the passage of water thru a cell containing multiple electrodes. EC process disinfects the water without any additives or chemical substance on the one hand and secondly, it does not require important maintenance, these two points are the epitome of this process.

EC process allows:

  • Safe  inactivation  and effective of any pathogenic micro-organism
  • Disposal of bio-layers and release microbes that become exposed to immediate inactivation
  • Elimination of anaerobic with oxygen saturation of the treated water which prevents the formation (building) of bio-layer.
  • The combined effect of different mechanisms, inherent to the EC principle of action, performs high security and Hygiene:
  • Disinfection,
  • Upgrading of the water quality,
  • Water softening,
  • Inline oxygen saturation in the EC-cell with long term effects and
  • Possibility of high oxidation for sanitation of pips and water storage or transporting systems

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