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Turnkey plant for drinking water production

Primary target in water production is the making of hygienically faultless water. The filter plant is a central guarantor for safety and efficiency besides the disinfection.

Compact plants can be made available ready for the production of drinking, industrial and process water from surface water for worldwide use.

The main application of this technology is to improve the drinking water supply in rural isolated areas and for agricultural industry such as farming with livestock breeding.

The methodology has the double advantage of an optimized development of the fast filtration in combination with very efficient electrochemical in-line disinfection plants. The aim is to produce drinking water with a safe quality for long term. This ensures a hygienic water supply which is flexible, efficient and user-oriented.

The main feature of this concept is the gain in quality assurance, highest operational safety and energy efficiency of the drinking water produced.

The standardized capacity of a module of this technology for drinking water production lies between 10 and 300 m/h. Specific solutions and modules are available to ensure that all the requirements of a decentralized water supply can be fulfilled.

  • High quality drinking water, sterile, rich in oxygen and balanced
  • Safe drinking water for long-term, suitable without further processing for storage
  • Less delicate against fluctuations of the raw water quality
  • Fully automatic mode with an optional integration of electronic control
  • Internal protocol function and reliable function history with interface for the optional communication via GSM or LAN
  • No operational hazard (no dosage of chlorine dioxide or ozone products)
  • Minimized use of operating supplies
  • Improved energy efficiency of the filter step (above 80% in comparison with the ultra-filtration and up to 50% in comparison with the conventional sand filtration)
  • Improved energy and environmental efficiency of the disinfection step over 80% of the energy in comparison with the UV disinfection and 100% of the ecological impacts in comparison with the use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone products
  • Reduced consumption of rinsing water up to 40% in comparison with conventional systems
  • Modular system apt to adaptation for capacity fluctuations
  • Important improvement in surface exploitation (square basic forms with a low height)
  • Available as mobile plant in adapted norm containers
  • Better possibility for retrofit implementation into pre-existing installations due to square basic form, lower height and the possibility of assembly on location instead of the use of prefabricated round filters from fiberglass or steel.

The goal: Making drinking water affordable and secure under cost-efficiency!

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